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Amr Mahdy - Agro trade for import & export [Mahdy Fresh - since 2000]

Amr Mahdy

the general manager of the Agro Trade company for importing and exporting agricultural crops and has more than twenty years of experience in managing agricultural financial investments in all its stages, starting from agricultural partnerships through operating stations and ending with managing commercial deals and export and import shipments of agricultural crops, fruits, and citrus fruits to various continents of the world .He obtained a bachelor's degree in 1999 from the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University.

Since his graduation from the college, Amr Mahdy has gained considerable experience as a banker at the Export Development Bank and as a manager of the agricultural investment portfolio at the Roots Company of the Citadel Holding Group, which was followed by his devotion to managing agricultural investments through his establishment of private companies operating in the same field, including two Agro Trade companies for importing and exporting agriculturalcrops, and a company. The fruits for import and export, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Masr Fruit Company in the Netherlands, and the Egyptian African Season Company in the State of Kenya.

Academic qualification and professional experience :

  • Bachelor in Commerce, Ain Shams university.
  • Diploma in Business Administration, Ain Shams University.
  • Diploma in banking payment methods - Egyptian Banking Institute.
  • Diploma in Finance - Egyptian Banking Institute.
  • Managing various banking operations.
  • Managing commercial transactions of all kinds, Especially agricultural.
  • Managing various export and import operations.
  • Consultant of agricultural investments in many companies.